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Thursday, September 13, 2012

RTI success : Tour details to be on websites

RTI success : Tour details to be on websites

It refers to welcome DoPT advisory issued at instance of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) directing all public-authorities under Central Government including even President Secretariat to put all details of tours and travels on respective websites, after public-authorities were flooded with RTI petitions seeking details of tours and travels at public-expense which even accounted for as much as of half the budget meant for PMO and council of ministers.

Making such aspects public will tend to make a self-imposed check by concerned ones to avoid misuse like was done by none other than former President of India Pratibha Patil when despite bitter-most criticism for already having spent rupees 205 crores, she went ahead with another such trip to South Africa etc in last days of her tenure cancelling earlier-fixed engagements just for a ferry-trip for her grand-children. There should be a total ban on taking relations and friends on official trips other than spouse even by President of India. However another lady family-member may accompany dignitaries like President and Prime Minister in requirement of protocol in case wife of any such dignitary may not be able to accompany.

Study should be made for other common queries put through RTI petitions, and all such commonly queried aspects should also be directed to be put on websites. All public-authorities should be directed to follow practice of Railway Ministry to put scanned copies of all RTI petitions and responses on websites.

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