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Monday, November 8, 2010

YP Singh to expose SIC Ramanand Tiwari with documents

The fraud and corruption of Ramanand Tiwari – currently State Information Commissioner and formerly IAS officer in Maharashtra state administration – is a story in its own right. Eminent lawyer Y P Singh will tell Mr Tiwari’s story tomorrow to a gathering of activists and journalists, along with documentary evidence.

Venue: Press Club, Azad Maidan, Mahanagarpalika Marg

Date & Time: Tuesday, 9 November, 3 pm

Organizers: RTI Activists of Jana Gana Mana Group

You are cordially invited with friends.



98215 88114


Sonia said...

Two of my RTI second appeals were heard by Mr. Ramanand Tiwari, and dismissed without valid reasons. One was official details of my membership at Balwant CHS, which the society is not giving for last 5 years, and second was action taken by Jt. Com. of Police Mr. Rakesh Maria in April 2009, on my complaint of physical assault and illegal detention by Borivali Police Sr. Inspector - Mr. Gire and his team. In the first case I am the member of the CHS and as per existing laws I should get the details from the society, and in the second case I am the complainant and have every right to get the said information. Finally the truth about Mr. Ramanand Tiwari is out. Only if such office bearers are made accountable for their work, they will stop abusing their official positions.

Manisha said...

He is a ____ and so is his son. He uses his father's name and office to get entry into Financial Institution for raising Debts and seeking investments for companies who wld otherwise have great difficulty. I have had few interactions with him, wherein he sought huge amount of cash to be given to LIC Investment Divsion(for himself as well) for a reputed comapny, which we declined. He was hopping mad at us for not going ahead with the deal. The recent Loan scam in the Real Estate sector sld not come as a surprise, nor sld be Adarsh Housing scam, cos these babus are bestowing their next generation of the same qualities, to carry thier good work forward.

Amit said...

I was called for the first hearing at the SIC in October and have not yet received any order copy. nor have got a second hearing date. If mr. tiwari himself is corrupt then shud i really hope of getting a fair hearing.

Amit said...

Sir - I need some legal help from Mr. Y. P. singh with the trouble one of the society member is giving to other members. I was trying to find out the details of his office so that i can approach him for help but could not locate anything. Would be a great help if you can share how i can approach him with my problem.