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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mumbai Mirror: A new way to ‘stamp’ out Adarsh corruption

Activists putting stickers with photos of CM, netas on South Mumbai pavements for people to kick, spit on them

Has the Adarsh CHS scam left you angry and frustrated? A bunch of activists are offering the more disgruntled amongst you the chance to express that anger by stepping on, spitting and kicking those involved in the scam. Over 1,000 stickers with photographs of the tainted politicians and bureaucrats have been printed and will be plastered on South Mumbai pavements.

Each sticker comes with the messages: “I stole your land in the name of war widows,” “Spit on my face” and “Walk on my face”. The protesters, led by RTI activist Krishnaraj Rao claim, once pasted, these stickers which cost the protestors Rs 5 apiece, will not come off easily.

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1 comment:

Arvind Singh said...

I like the article and way to expose all corrupted leader, because the hypocrites were revealed and it also made all to remove their anger and frustration with the system. I read a news on that the questionnaire is expected to reveal a lot of shady deals in the defense officials (serving and retired) and many other recipients without the name of a scam.