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Sunday, March 21, 2010

RTI Effect: Student of Class III Gets Garbage House Removed

Awakened Children , irresponsible Sleeping Babus of Government offices
……..its Uttar Pradesh , but the efforts must go on n on .............

Student of Class III uses RTI tool to get the garbage house removed
from the vicinity of her school

There are many negative news in the rti arena from across the country
that may dishearten rti-users but as an eternal truth , the life
begins from where it ended. At least the effort of 8 years’ girl
student of city Montessori school of Lucknow proves this.

Aishwarya is a student of Rajajipuram branch of this school . There is
a garbage house by the opposite side of the main gate of the school .

Months back , when swine flu panic gripped the country , the
schoolchildren of her school were asked to wear masks in the school.
Aishwarya also used the mask but a question was always there in her
mind as to why the Garbage- house was there at a distance of few yards
from the school when there was so much panic in the country. The
frequent movements of stray dogs , pigs and other animals into and out
of the garbage house was posing serious health threats to the students
. Moved by this , on 26 – 10 – 2009 she wrote a letter to the Chief
Minister of Uttar Pradesh . In this letter she requested the C.M. to
get the garbage house removed from the vicinity of the school n shift
it elsewhere. the letter is available at given link

Aishwarya waited each day in the hope that the garbage-house would be
removed but nothing happened. As an eternal course of action of most
of the Government offices of U. P. , the speed post letter of
Aishwarya got lost in the wilderness of the other world of the
babudom of the Chief Minister Office.On 30-11-2009 , she filed an RTI
and asked for three point information. this rti letter is available at
given link

The Reply sent by PIO of the Chief Minister puts a question mark on
the system that is governing us today . The PIO refused receipt of the
letter dated 26-10-2009 and transferred the RTI letter dated
30-11-2009 to the Commissioner of Lucknow Municipal Corporation . this
letter is available at given link

Had the RTI Act 2005 not been there , Aishwarya might have never been
able to know the fate of her letter.

The RTI reply by the Zonal health officer is not related to the point
2 and 3 of rti query of Aishwarya and shows his irresponsible
behavior.the letter is available at given link

Though not fully satisfied , Aishwarya is sure not only to get the
information but to find her lost letter also. She has filed appeal to
the appellate authority , filed the rti to the PIO of the Chief
Minister to tell her the name of the person responsible for this
mishap and has written to the chief minister Km. Mayawati to initiate
enquiry to fix the responsibility of her lost letter.

As RTI Act is there to provide for setting out the practical regime of
right to information for citizens to secure access to information
under the control of public authorities, in order to promote
transparency and accountability in the working of every public
authority , So is Aishwarya to play her role of securing access to
information under the control of some public authorities, in order to
promote transparency and accountability in the working of them , but
these public authorities are not ready to play their role.

May more n more aishwaryas come forward to raise local issues and
fight them till they succeed to have true democracy in INDIA.

As democracy requires an informed citizenry so I think it would be
more appropriate to make RTI act a compulsory part of course
curriculum at primary level because this is the best solution to have
more n more Aishwaryas in the system and more n more corrupts out of
the system.

When a 8 year old Student of Class III can pursue for it , why can’t you ?

Posted on rti4empowerment by:
Urvashi Sharma
F-2376 , Rajajipuram , Lucknow
pin - 226017 , Uttar Pradesh INDIA
contact - 9369613513

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