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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don’t Amend the RTI Act, Implement it

Mr Citizen, tell the Prime Minister, who is contemplating amending the Right to Information Act, that you disagree with him. (Reference ). It is good that UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi has already voiced her opposition, but don’t take comfort in that. You and I must also tell PM and his colleagues: “Don’t Amend the RTI Act, Implement it”.

G R Vora’s prompt response this morning fired me up. He promptly dashed off a Phonogram to five top decision-makers in New Delhi, namely:

1. Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, North Block, New Delhi - 1.

2. Veerappa Moily, Law Minister, North Block, New Delhi - 1.

3. Prithviraj Chauhan, MOS for DoPT, North Block, New Delhi - 1.

4. Sonia Gandhi, 10 Jan Path, New Delhi - 1

5. Rahul Gandhi, 10 Jan Path, New Delhi - 1.

Following GRV’s example, I dialed 1585 from my MTNL landline and sent a phonogram to these five with a common message:

"We thank Mrs Sonia Gandhi for taking a strong pro-people stand. Implement the RTI Act and do not amend it. Chief Justice of India must be as transparent and accountable as other public authorities."

My token no. is PJ 31 and bill amount is Rs 119.80.

While sending phonogram, remember:

a) Specify “Same-message plus four-copies” before dictating the addresses

b) Ask for your token no. and bill amount which will be included in your phone bill.

c) Specifically ask for copy of phonogram to be sent to you by post.

Please speak up by using phonogram, telegram, post and other means of paper communication. In the government offices, paper is filed and treated carefully (unlike emails, which can be dismissed by pressing the delete button).

My Citizen, your voice counts. Please speak out loud and clear. Jai Hind!


98215 88114

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