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Sunday, August 3, 2008

File RTI appeals on CIC website, but pay via post

New Delhi: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has introduced online acceptance of RTI appeals and complaints, allowing applicants to file their queries on the Internet. This comes at a time when the Bihar state information commission has already introduced acceptance of applications on the phone and the Centre is planning a call centre as well.
Speaking about the online facility, chief information commission Wajahat Habibullah said, “This will hopefully increase the awareness of RTI and its use. It’s mainly designed for appeals and complaints.” There is a catch, however. If the person is filing for information to the CIC, the RTI query will be accepted but must be followed by a postal order of Rs 10.
Online payments are still a long way off. According to the CIC, the government feared that the system was not strong enough to handle credit card payments. “There is fear of Internet fraud when money transactions are conducted on the net,” admitted Habibullah.
As of now, when applicants log on to the CIC website, the online link will provide them with a form to apply online. The form includes ‘mandatory fields’ like name, address, contact details and the ministry, department or public authority that the appeal is against.
Verification code, citizenship status (whether you are an Indian or NRI) will have to be filled. Other details include if the person has applied to the public information officer (the first official authorised to address the appeal) and whether the issue at hand is a matter of life or liberty.
Applicants can also upload documents relevant to their argument. For the Internet savvy, this is likely to save time and resources. But the most to benefit from this are people living outside Delhi and Indians abroad who do not have to depend on the postal department to file their complaints. Habibullah said he had already received complaints online and queries on how to file them.

Publication: Times Of India Delhi; Date:2008 Jul 29; Section:Times Nation; Page Number 15 Himanshi Dhawan | TNN

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