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Monday, January 8, 2007

About RTI Group (

The RTI Group ( is a voluntary organisation of committed citizens of India working, towards making our Central Universities corruption free, efficient, accountable and transparent. Over the years the Central Universities have in practice abandoned democratic institutions and corollary the rule of law breeding corruption and inefficiency under the cloak of unaccountability implied by the absence of rules enforcing transparency. Over the years non-academic interferences in the Universities across the Country have hardened feudalistic attitudes, demolished democratic institutions and functioning and have bred inefficiency and unaccountability, which most of the time end up as harassment for the individual. The Group seeks to empower University campuses, deepen democracy by developing participation and secularism and eradicate social apathy by promoting, encouraging and motivating the effective use of Right to Information Act, 2005, on campuses, which while bringing about efficiency, accountability and transparency will enhance academic life and output and make Universities and their agencies more humane.

The RTI Group disseminates information about people’s right to know, encourages and supports the development of materials related to transparency and governance, raises awareness of the fundamental value of information and furthers the cause of transparency by filing applications for information at various Universities. The Group constantly engages and interacts with the offices and encourages the use of the right to information to address individual and social problems. It also intends to evolve the use of this right to information as a tool for academic research.

The RTI Group seeks to actively engage and combine with other progressive campaigns and movements and work in solidarity with progressive elements of the society.

Please do use “Messaging” facility on our website i.e. to help bring efficiency, accountability and transparency (EAT) in Central Universities. The messaging feature on our website does not require the sender to disclose his identity. However, the website Administrator reserves the right to decide which message to display.

The RTI Group would be happy to receive RTI applications filed in any Central University and its subsequent correspondence from persons who would like it to be uploaded on our website. A message may be sent through our “Messaging” facility for uploading on any of the e-mail addresses provided in “Contact Us” section. The RTI application and related documents can be sent in scanned form in MS Word 2003 or PDF format. However, the Group Administrator reserves the right to decide on the uploading.

Contact Email IDs:

Dr Tariq Islam

Dr Mohammed Naved Khan

Er. Faisal Zia Siddiqui

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