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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fighting Corruption Is Easy

Frustrated… angry…. and wondering how you can fight scams and corruption that keeps India weak and illiterate? Well, don’t despair, fighting corruption is possible and easy with the new Right to Information Act. Sakshi Trust launches India's most comprehensive web site on Right to Information for the concerned citizen at
The website has stories of how ordinary citizens fought grand and petty corruption with this simple tool. All it took was a letter and ten rupees to witness the power of real democracy.Also learn how to use this new tool of civic action and view successful applications on a host of issues from roads, sanitation, streetlights and information on utilization of MP and MLA funds. Apart from which, you can get help to locate Public Information officers of various government authorities and most importantly learn how to file an RTI application in simple steps. Participate by requesting for a Right to Information training, in your office or apartment complex. You can also do your bit in spreading the good news by forwarding this email to friends who might be suffering at the hands of unresponsive government officials or are just plain interested.To be kept updated about the latest on Right to Information, from government notifications to success stories and Sakshi’s forthcoming events, visit today and help save India.
Sakshi Trust

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