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Monday, August 16, 2010

“Reclaim Your Constitution, Reclaim Your Citizenship”

Dear Fellow Citizens,

The Constitution is the blueprint of India’s democracy, and the contractual document between the State and the Indian citizen. Although it is 60 years since it was painstakingly drafted and enacted, few of us have laid hands on it, much less read and understood it. Although the Constitution has been the proverbial night-watchman that has safeguarded our democracy in its darkest hours and despite the significant role that it plays in our daily lives, we remain unaware of its power and its significance.

Come, let us rediscover our ownership of this key document. Together, let us re-connect with the idea of India that was articulated in this blueprint.

For 60 years, we, the citizens, have failed to participate in the governance of this country, and left it to politicians and bureaucrats while we withdrew into our own private worlds. We wrongly believed that all that was expected of us was to vote, pay taxes and criticize the government. The results of our collective neglect as citizens are now all around us, too squalid to ignore.

But it is not too late. Come, let us discover our power and privilege. Let’s discuss and understand our true role as citizens of India. And then let us action that role.

Venue: S P Jain Institute, Inside Bhavan’s College campus, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058.

Date and time: Saturday, 21 August, 6 to 8 pm.

This meeting will launch a series of interactions in Mumbai and other cities that will be held every month until 26 January, 2011. The series will be anchored by Vinita Singh, Krishnaraj Rao and other activist colleagues. Vinita Singh has been working in the area of social development for 16 years, largely among the urban and rural poor. She has been enabling people to understand governance, their rights and responsibilities as citizens and their own leadership in making change possible. Krishnaraj Rao is a professional journalist, publisher and campaigner for proper implementation of Right to Information and other crucial rights & duties of citizens.

You are cordially invited to come and enjoy a chai-nashta discussion with friends.

RSVP and enquiries: Krish 098215 88114

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