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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Andhra Pradesh, even your steno can become Information Commissioner. Apply NOW!

Dear fellow citizens & activists,

Of the four Information Commissioners that Andhra Pradesh has, one is a former bureaucrat – C D Arha. The remaining three, however, are lightweight personalities who are very far from “eminent” -- a lawyer, a journalist and a congress worker.

Chief Information Commissioner Arha is due for retirement in July. At least one vacancy will arise in July. So, civil society members have less than a month to apply for the post and ensure that the next round of appointments happen according to a transparent procedure. The other Information Commissioners, appointed in 2005, will retire before the year-end, creating more vacancies; so keep spreading the word among your friends and colleagues.

To apply for Andhra Pradesh SIC, click here:

Do you worry about your lack of qualifications and experience for the job of Andhra Pradesh State Information Commissioner? Then have a look at APSIC K Sudhakar Rao’s official biodata:
The “previous experience” of this 60-year-old engineering graduate is as follows:
1. Participated in student activities in college and school days.
2. Participated in social service like bringing up downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.
3. Very much interested in management of industries.
4. Also interested in development of Science and Technology.

Surely your experience has more substance?

The biodatas of the other two worthy gentlemen are only slightly better:
A Subba Rao:
Dileep Reddy:

We are reliably informed that these gentlemen were relatively unknown in their own professional circles, but somewhat better-known in political circles. So, one may be forgiven for terming them as political stooges.

Sudhakar Rao continued to conduct himself as a congress worker even after being appointed as Information Commissioner. Here, you can read a juicy news story about the embarrassing activities of this Information Commissioner during by-elections in November 2006:

Conclusion: The reason why such people get appointed is because there is no transparent procedure for appointing Information Commissioners. And this alone is sufficient to kill the RTI act. Hence it is imperative to act now to ensure that the next round of appointments happen through a transparent procedure. Please hasten to apply for the post of APSIC. Act now to save RTI.
Warm Regards,

Madhav Vishnubhatta , Chennai, 98403 27303

Krishnaraj Rao, Mumbai, 98215 88114

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