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Friday, April 23, 2010

Apply for the post of CIC / Chief CIC to ensure transparent appointments

Dear Fellow Citizens & Activists,

It is urgent for us to act now. The present Chief CIC will retire in September 2010. Other Commissioners appointed in 2005 will also retire in 2010, and hence there will be many vacancies opening up this year. Citizens must act now to ensure that the next round of appointments happen through a transparent procedure.

As part of a concerted civil society campaign, we all need to apply in large numbers for the post of CIC / Chief CIC. By doing so, we may derive three benefits:

* Firstly, there will be pressure on the system to appoint some good candidates from civil society as CICs or Chief CIC.
* Secondly, as there will be many candidates from civil society, the government may be compelled to introduce proper procedures to filter out and short-list candidates.
* Finally, if the government ignores all our names and selects its own people without any transparent procedure, we can move the courts and argue that the appointments are void as we were eliminated without a proper procedure, eligibility criteria etc. There is a good chance of convincing the Court that this is violation of articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution.

Please note: Your applying for the post does not mean that you have to be part of the legal exercise that might come later. So participating in this campaign does not commit you to anything.

How to participate in this campaign?

Go to for detailed instructions.

Warm Regards,
Madhav 98403 27303
Krish 98215 88114

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