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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why we are opposing Prof Shekhar Singh as Chief CIC

We RTI Activists are not against Prof Shekhar Singh as a person or even as a candidate for CCIC. But we must oppose the move to hastily make him Chief CIC without transparent selection procedures. Prof. Singh diplomatically shirks responsibility for being open about his own candidature. He is secretive about who nominated him, and who are the other candidates under consideration. And he is unwilling to publicly ask the government to be transparent in this regard.

Prof Shekhar Singh is exceptionally close to the Government. Hundreds of influential bureaucrats are his former students. Naturally, he has been on various Govt. of India committees for the past 20 years. Positions held:

· Professor of Indian Institute of Public Administration.

· Advisor on environment and forests in Planning Commission

· Secretary of Island Development Authority of India, chaired by Prime Minister (1990-91)

· Head of statutory Environmental Appraisal Committee for power projects (1991-92)

· Head of Supreme Court of India Commissioner for forests and related matters in Andaman and Nicobar Islands (2001-02)

· Independent member of Narmada Control Authority Sub-Group on Environment

· Chairman of Govt. task force on governance, transparency, participation

· Chairman of task force on Environmental Impact Assessment for 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12).

"CCIC Shekhar Singh" is the government's sugar-coated poison-pill for RTI campaigners. If we swallow this pill, we will be paralyzed and unable to agitate for transparency in CIC’s selection. Therefore, we must strenuously resist and agitate.

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