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Friday, October 2, 2009

Kerala judges 1st to declare assets

Publication: Times Of India Delhi; Date: Oct 2, 2009; Section: Times Nation; Page: 11

Kerala judges 1st to declare assets
A Subramani | TNN

Chennai: In a trail-blazing move, the high court of Kerala has become the first court in the country to post the details of the assets and liabilities of all its judges in the public domain.

Titled ‘Assets & Liabilities (At a Glance)’, the disclosure was uploaded on the court’s official website on September 30, as promised by the registrar-general D Sivalabhan on August 28.

Kerala HC’s disclosure has come after sustained pressure from pro-transparency activists as well as sections of the judiciary who insisted that judges of the SC and
high courts should reveal details of their assets.

The simple and uncluttered disclosure format on the Kerala high court’s website has two broad categories — ‘Immovable Properties’ and ‘Movable Properties’ against the name of the judge concerned.

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