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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anna Hazare says, “Get jailed in large numbers!”

“Good work, boys!” said Anna Hazare to us -- the 10 activists jailed for 48 hours on false charges of rioting, assault and trespass by Maharashtra CSIC Dr Suresh Joshi.

See video-clip of our conversation with Anna yesterday at Sahyadri Guest House:

“I was told about what you fellows did. Going to prison isn’t a bad thing,” Anna laughed. “Remember, our Freedom-fighters did lots of that. I too was sentenced to three months imprisonment, but they kicked me out after only 8 days when things got too hot to handle for the State government. It rocked the government. We must organize in large numbers to have lots more of this sort of action and really shake these guys to their senses,” he said, soon after his meeting with Chief Minister Ashok Chavan.

We thanked Anna for inspiring us, and assured him that we would stay aggressive for the cause of proper RTI implementation.

Posted by Krishnaraj Rao on on Sun, May 24, 2009 at 2:38 AM
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