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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AMU Controller of Exams Admits Lakhs Paid Without Rules!

Sept 9, 2008: RTI query by Dr Tariq Islam has brought to light a very interesting case where the Controller of Examinations (COE) of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) paid lakhs of rupees to an Assistant in the Controller's Office over and above his salary and Extra Duty Allowance (EDA) even though there are no rules! The COE while being fully aware that there are no rules under which such huge payments can be made, has this year (2008) too recommended similar huge payments. This is apparent from the comment (given below) that the RTI Group has received through its messaging facility on its website

The question that naturally arises is that how was and are the illegal payments being recommended by the Controller' Office and then being cleared by the Finance Office.

For details of Right to Information (RTI) query and subsequent correspondence, please visit the section on Aligarh Muslim University/Finance on the website Please also your give your response through our "Messaging" facility on the website.

Comments by a Visitor Who Prefers to Remain Anonymous

1. Let us appreciate the controller for admitting the irregularity in the payment to one assistant in the examinations. But it is contemptuas and braizen this regard to law for making heavy payment to Dy. Controllers. It also be scruitinised that how can the finance officer make the payment if rules does not exist. To me it is a missuse of a public fund, how can a person be paid for performing duties, heavy amount, to the tune of 1.5 lakhs approximately to each of the two Dy. controllers besides his regular salaries and EDA amounting to rupees 40-45000 rupees.

2. It is a talk of the town that the present Finance officer who does not possess any degree in accounts has some how got two thousand heads of accounts re-appropriated by the Vice-chancellor which is a mockery of the Finance Rules.

3. Let me bring to notice of RTI group that Professor M. M. Khalid has publically narrated that one Assistant Finance Officer has very angrilly communicated to the finance officer that the office is not going to co-operate any more with you in the matters related to purchase etc.

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