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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Functioning of SIC under scanner

Vaivasvat Venkat | TNN Ludhiana: The functioning of State Information Commission has come under scanner for its careless attitude towards discharging its duties.
The situation is such that irked by the attitude of the Commission, the information seekers are being forced to take certain steps out of sheer frustration and harassment. The startling fact came to light in a recent case in which an information seeker, Yogesh Dewan, finally requested the Commission to dismiss his case . “Being totally dissatisfied with the partial and lenient attitude of the SIC towards the Ludhiana municipal corporation, I here by request to dismiss my case,” reads out the submission of Dewan to the Commission.
The much disgruntled Dewan alleges that SIC has defeated the purpose of RTI Act 2005. Dewan says according to rules the information should be given to the seeker within 30 days, but in his case even after 300 days the information wasn’t provided. “SIC rarely imposes penalty on bureaucrats, following which bureaucrats indulge in persistent delays in supplying information to applicant, resulting in harassment,” rues Dewan.
Dewan informs it was on 06-03-07 that he had appealed to SIC under section 19 of RTI Act against public information officer (PIO) of LMC, but till now no information has been provided. He says information hasn’t been given even after 130 days of the appeal before SIC. The Commission kept warning PIO but he continued with the delay.
Publication: Times Of India Chandigarh; Date:2007 Sep 02; Section:Punjab Haryana; Page Number 3

1 comment:

Arshdeep said...

Municipal Corp, Ludhiana is the most worthless organisation in the whole world. They just know how to harass people.The staff is totally incompetant. They are out to make money.Corruption is their god.It is like breaking your head against a wall.They are least bothered because agony is not their's.Nobody in Punjab can make them work.You keep sending them reminders but they respond at all.