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Sunday, April 15, 2007


RAHUL MANGAONKAR , After ACRs (Annual Confidential Reports), were ordered to be disclosed by the Gujarat Information Commission (GIC), under RTI, instead of the expected jubilation amongst ranks, most officers’ preferred to wait, speculating on the government’s reaction. The reaction was quite unexpected.The Centre’s Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), notified the ‘All India Services (Performance Appraisal Report) Rules, 2007’. Thereby, ACRs are now APARs (Annual Performance Appraisal Report), and IAS, IPS, IFS officers, across the country would have full access to them. DoPT was earlier against disclosing ACRs. Their stand was supported by the Central Information Commission (CIC). DoPT’s hand was forced by GIC’s order.Government officers are after all nothing but public servants. Therefore those officers who write these appraisals, review and accept them too are public servants and their actions too are within the ambit of accountability. So far, these appraisals were kept out of reach.How can a public servant work for the public after compromising on career growth and job satisfaction?
Now in the RTI age, when citizens are seeking to redress their grievances, can a disgruntled officer be expected to perform to his full potential? In the GICs decision, RN Das says “Can he be expected to ensure citizens, access to information under his control and promote transparency? How difficult it is to lift a fractured hand upwards to offload other’s burden?” While as citizens first, Babus find the door open to their right to know how they have been assessed, however it has its flip side too. Now the citizen too can learn how efficient these public servants are and who assessed them. Maybe Babus seeking their ACRs at GIC did not foresee this, but this possibility cannot be ignored. The wall of secrecy has now been brought down. Babus in Gujarat have unwittingly done a favour to their brethren across the country.
Publication: Times Of India Ahmedabad; Date:2007 Apr 12; Section:Gujarat; Page Number 5

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