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Monday, February 19, 2007

Gzb SP shifted for assault on Pandher

Lalit Kumar | TNN : Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad superintendent of police, Govind Agarwal, is the latest to face action for the attack on Moninder Singh Pandher at the Ghaziabad courts on January 25.
On Saturday, area DSP Ram Mohan Singh was suspended in this connection, preceded by the re-instatements of three sub-inspectors suspended earlier. Ghaziabad SSP Navin Arora said: ‘‘Agarwal has been transferred but has not yet been given any assignment. He has been attached to the office of the DGP, Lucknow.’’
But what comes as a surprise is the fact that while so many policemen’s heads have rolled, those actually responsible for the attack on Pandher have not been arrested. This, in spite of the fact that the police had filed a report immediately after Pandher was attacked. The report named six lawyers, booking them for attempted murder, attacking policemen on duty and violation of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, among other legal provisions. Ghaziabad police officials refused to comment on why the assailants have not been booked.

‘Drains cleaned before discovery’
Noida: The Nithari serial killings might take an interesting turn with Noida authorities declaring that the “open” Nithari drains were cleaned and desilted on December 20, 2006 — in reply to an application filed under the Right to Information Act. This is nine days before the serial killings were discovered on December 29. It is now questioned how no skeletons were discovered during the cleaning process.
The “waste matter was dumped at Sector 54. But nothing unusual was found during the cleaning.” This information was provided by Noida in its reply to an application filed under the RTI Act by commodore (retired) Lokesh Batra. But according to documents available with the Times City, it has said nothing about what was done about the cleaning of the covered portion of the storm drain in front of Pandher’s house.
When asked by Batra about the provisions for punishing Noida officials who were guilty of negligence, the authority’s reply asks Batra to “buy a copy of the UP Industrial Development Act.”
But Noida officials may have invited trouble through the reply under the RTI. Batra pointed out: ‘‘The authority either put the expenditure on record but did not clean the drains or they did not even take notice of human skeletons in the drains in the fortnightly or monthly cleaning of the drains since 2005. In both the cases, this is a serious matter.’’ Noida has also not talked about why the illegally covered drains were not cleaned for years. The ramps over the drain in front of Pandher’s house had to be smashed by bulldozers before human skeletons could be recovered from inside it.
Noida health and sanitation chief R S Yadav said: ‘‘Around 60% of Noida’s drains are illegally covered. In 2006, we issued notices to residents twice to ask them to demolish the ramps.’’
Publication: Times Of India Delhi; Date:2007 Feb 19; Section:Times City; Page Number 3

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